Article 1 Miscellaneous Provisions Relating to Loans
Article 2 Miscellaneous Fraudulent Practices
Article 2.1 Fraudulent Practices in the Sale of Indian Arts and Crafts
Article 2.2 Registration of Fictitious Names
Article 3 Fraudulent Practices in Sale of Petroleum Products
Article 4 Beverage Containers
Article 5 Motor Vehicle Warranties
Article 6 Telephone Solicitations
Article 7 Aftermarket Crash Parts
Article 8 Waste Tire Disposal
Article 9 Sale and Disposal of Batteries
Article 10 Medical Sharps
Article 11 Assistive Device Warranties
Article 12 Check Cashers
Article 13 Consumer Service Fees
Article 14 Credit Card Transaction Receipts
Article 15 Motor Vehicle Transactions
Article 16 Commercial Electronic Mail
Article 17 Confidentiality of Personal Identifying Information
Article 18 Confidentiality of Petroleum Industry Information
Article 19 Appliances and Equipment Energy Efficiency Standards
Article 20 Telephone, Utility and Communication Service Records
Article 21 Restocking Fees
Article 22 Foreclosure Consultants
Article 23 Transportation Service Contracts
Article 24 Retail Food Establishments
Article 25 Operator Service Providers