In this article, unless the context otherwise requires:

1. “Affected county” means each existing county affected by a proposed formation of new counties.

2. “Assessed valuation” means the net assessed valuation used for purposes of levying primary property taxes for the tax year immediately preceding the filing of the petition for the formation of counties.

3. “Commission” means the county formation commission established pursuant to section 11-136.

4. “New county” means a county which has been approved by the voters at an election on formation held pursuant to section 11-137.

5. “Privately owned land” includes all lands other than federal, Indian, state, county, municipal and other governmental lands which are exempt from taxation under article IX, section 2, Constitution of Arizona.

6. “Proposed county” means a county proposed by petition pursuant to section 11-133 to be formed from an affected county or counties but before an election on formation is held pursuant to section 11-137. The term applies to each territory proposed as a county including the county in which an existing county seat is proposed to be located.