§ 12-401 Venue
§ 12-402 Venue of actions commenced after organization of new county
§ 12-403 Transfer of action to new county
§ 12-404 Action brought in wrong county; jurisdiction; application for transfer; hearing
§ 12-405 Change of venue by consent
§ 12-406 Change of venue for cause; grounds; bond; appeal
§ 12-407 Order for change of venue; transmittal of papers; payment of fees and costs; effect of failure to pay
§ 12-408 Procedure for change of venue when county is a party
§ 12-409 Change of judge; grounds; affidavit
§ 12-410 Punishment for contempt for filing affidavit for change of judge prohibited
§ 12-411 Limitation on changes of venue or judge; selection of county or judge