If a tribunal of this state does not recognize and enforce a convention support order in its entirety, it shall enforce any severable part of the order.  An application or direct request may seek recognition and partial enforcement of a convention support order.

Terms Used In Arizona Laws 25-1339

  • Convention: means the convention on the international recovery of child support and other forms of family maintenance, concluded at the Hague on November 23, 2007. See Arizona Laws 25-1202
  • State: means a state of the United States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the United States Virgin Islands or any territory or insular possession subject to the jurisdiction of the United States. See Arizona Laws 25-1202
  • Support order: means a judgment, decree, order, decision or directive, whether temporary, final or subject to modification, issued in a state or foreign country for the benefit of a child, a spouse or a former spouse, that provides for monetary support, health care, arrearages, retroactive support or reimbursement for financial assistance provided to an individual obligee in place of child support. See Arizona Laws 25-1202
  • Tribunal: means a court, administrative agency or quasi-judicial entity authorized to establish, enforce or modify support orders or to determine parentage of a child. See Arizona Laws 25-1202