A. The Arizona board of regents, through the state geologist, may publish, in the form of bulletins, circulars, maps and other related series, or otherwise make available to state agencies, government officials, industry and the public the results of geological and related research and investigation undertaken by the Arizona geological survey. A publication shall not include any confidential information pursuant to section 27-522. The state geologist shall consult with the operator and obtain the approval of the scope of work for the publication before the state geologist releases any proposed publication pertaining to a project regulated by the oil and gas conservation commission.

B. The publications of the Arizona geological survey shall be printed as the university of Arizona determines and distributed or sold as the interests of this state or science demand.  Money obtained by the sale of publications shall be deposited in the geological survey fund established by section 27-107 for printing further publications.

C. All materials collected, after having served the purpose of the Arizona geological survey, shall be made available to the universities, community colleges and high schools of this state.