A state-licensed or state-certified appraiser may not accept a fee for an appraisal assignment that is contingent on the appraiser reporting a predetermined estimate, analysis or opinion or that is contingent on the opinion, conclusion or value reached or on the consequences resulting from the appraisal assignment.

Terms Used In Arizona Laws 32-3636

  • Appraisal: A determination of property value.
  • Appraisal assignment: means an engagement for which a real estate appraiser is employed or retained to act, or would be perceived by third parties or the public in acting, as a disinterested third party in rendering an unbiased analysis, opinion or conclusion relating to the nature, quality, value or utility of specified interests in or aspects of identified real estate. See Arizona Laws 32-3601
  • State-licensed or state-certified appraiser: means a person who develops and communicates appraisals and who holds a current, valid license or certificate issued under this chapter. See Arizona Laws 32-3601
  • Value: means the monetary relationship between properties and those who buy, sell or use those properties. See Arizona Laws 32-3601