On the sale or other transfer of a mobile home park, the landlord shall deliver to the buyer or other transferee all available plans, drawings and records pertaining to the location of all underground facilities in the parks, all plans, drawings, surveys and plats of the park, all records pertaining to tenant security deposits and complete files for each tenant of the park at closing containing rental agreements and all other documents and disclosures required by this chapter that are in the possession of the landlord.  A landlord who fails to deliver reasonably accurate and maintained installation records of active, inactive and abandoned underground facilities installed after December 31, 2006 is liable for all damages proximately caused by the failure, including all expenses incurred by successor landlords to create the installation records.

Terms Used In Arizona Laws 33-1438

  • Damages: Money paid by defendants to successful plaintiffs in civil cases to compensate the plaintiffs for their injuries.
  • including: means not limited to and is not a term of exclusion. See Arizona Laws 1-215