A. All new state capital projects as defined in section 41-790, including buildings designed and constructed by the department of administration, the department of transportation, community college districts and universities and major renovations for those entities involving lighting systems, shall include efficient and effective lighting systems as determined by an evaluation based on the illuminating engineering society of North America lighting handbook and recommended practices.

Terms Used In Arizona Laws 34-471

B. Life cycle costs as defined in section 34-454 shall be used to evaluate the design, equipment and materials that are considered pursuant to subsection A of this section.

C. All outdoor light fixtures that are owned and operated by this state and that are subject to the requirements of subsection A of this section shall be fully shielded as defined in section 49-1101, except that outdoor light fixtures that are used to illuminate sports facilities that are used by an educational institution shall be fully or partially shielded as defined in section 49-1101.  This subsection does not apply to those outdoor light fixtures that are not required to be shielded pursuant to section 49-1102.