A. Each employee of an eligible group shall participate in the plan on proper determination of eligibility for membership by the local board pursuant to section 38-847, subsection D.

Terms Used In Arizona Laws 38-847.01

  • Board: means the board of trustees of the system, who are the persons appointed to invest and operate the fund. See Arizona Laws 38-842
  • Determination: means a written document that indicates to a participant and alternate payee whether a domestic relations order qualifies as a plan approved domestic relations order. See Arizona Laws 38-842
  • Employee: means any person who is employed by a participating employer and who is a member of an eligible group but does not include any persons compensated on a contractual or fee basis. See Arizona Laws 38-842
  • Local board: means the retirement board of the employer, who are the persons appointed to administer the system as it applies to their members in the system. See Arizona Laws 38-842
  • Pension: means a series of monthly amounts that are payable to a person who is entitled to receive benefits under the plan but does not include an annuity that is payable pursuant to section 38-846. See Arizona Laws 38-842

B. The employer shall provide to the local board all necessary information to render a decision on the employee’s eligibility for membership.  The information shall include:

1. The date the employee was hired or appointed to the position.

2. The employee’s position title.

3. A description of the essential functions for the position.

C. An employee receiving a pension from the plan is not subject to this section, but is subject to section 38-849.