Terms Used In Arizona Laws 5-1173

  • Authority: means a sports authority established pursuant to this chapter. See Arizona Laws 5-1101
  • Authority board: means the governing board of the sports authority. See Arizona Laws 5-1101
  • Bond: means any obligation authorized and issued pursuant to this article, including:

    (a) Bonds and notes. See Arizona Laws 5-1161

  • United States: includes the District of Columbia and the territories. See Arizona Laws 1-215

(Conditionally Rpld.)


A. The monies in either the bond proceeds account or the debt service account may be invested and reinvested at the direction of the authority board in any of the following:

1. United States treasury obligations.

2. Consolidated farm loan bonds.

3. Obligations issued by the federal intermediate credit banks or bonds for cooperatives on authority of the farm credit act of 1933.

4. Any other obligations guaranteed by the United States government.

5. Any investments that are authorized by any other agencies of the United States government and that are authorized to secure public deposits.

6. State and local government series United States treasury securities.

7. State, county or municipal bonds issued in this state and on which the payments of interest have not been deferred.

8. Investment agreements and repurchase agreements collateralized by investments described in paragraphs 1 through 5.

9. Investment agreements from providers rated in one of the two highest rating categories by a nationally recognized rating agency.

B. The purchase of the securities shall be made by the authority’s fiscal agent on authority of a resolution of the authority board.  The fiscal agent shall act as custodian of all securities purchased.

C. The authority board may place any restrictions on reinvestment yield on bond proceeds or on any monies pledged to pay the bonds if necessary to comply with federal income tax laws and regulations to gain any federal tax benefits available with respect to the bonds.