A. On or before June 30 of each year, an applicant for licensure renewal shall:

Terms Used In Arizona Laws 6-1256

1. File with the superintendent a financial statement prepared according to generally accepted accounting principles for the twelve month period ending the previous December 31.

2. Make a renewal application to the department on forms prescribed by the superintendent and:

(a) Pay the fees prescribed in section 6-126.

(b) Include information to assist the superintendent in determining whether the applicant is in default of or in violation of this chapter and whether the applicant meets the requirements of this chapter.

B. If the renewal applicant is unable to make a financial statement at the time the applicant files the renewal application, the applicant may make a written request for an extension of time to file the financial statement.  If the superintendent grants the extension the applicant shall file a financial statement within thirty days after the superintendent issues the renewal license.

C. On application to the superintendent each year pursuant to subsection A of this section, the superintendent shall issue the renewal license on August 1 of each year.