§ 12-1861 Supreme court; questions of law certified by other courts
§ 12-1862 Invocation of proceedings
§ 12-1863 Certification order; contents
§ 12-1864 Preparation and transmission of certification order
§ 12-1865 Fees and costs
§ 12-1866 Proceedings in the supreme court
§ 12-1867 Opinion of supreme court

Terms Used In Arizona Laws > Title 12 > Chapter 10 > Article 3

  • Answer: The formal written statement by a defendant responding to a civil complaint and setting forth the grounds for defense.
  • Appellate: About appeals; an appellate court has the power to review the judgement of another lower court or tribunal.
  • Precedent: A court decision in an earlier case with facts and law similar to a dispute currently before a court. Precedent will ordinarily govern the decision of a later similar case, unless a party can show that it was wrongly decided or that it differed in some significant way.
  • United States: includes the District of Columbia and the territories. See Arizona Laws 1-215