If any board shall as a part of its functions delegate any
duty or responsibility to be performed by a single member of such
board, such delegation shall not be made solely to any public member
or any lay member of the board in any of the following instances:
   (a) The actual preparation of, the administration of, and the
grading of, examinations.
   (b) The inspection or investigation of licentiates, the manner or
method of practice or doing business, or their place of practice or
   Nothing in this section shall be construed as precluding a public
member or a lay member from participating in the formation of policy
relating to the scope of the activities set forth in subdivisions (a)
and (b) or in the approval, disapproval or modification of the
action of its individual members, nor preclude such member from
participating as a member of a subcommittee consisting of more than
one member of the board in the performance of any duty.