This article shall apply to any schoolsite owned by a school
district, which the governing board determines to sell or lease, and
with respect to which the following conditions exist:
   (a) Either the whole or a portion of the schoolsite consists of
land which is used for school playground, playing field, or other
outdoor recreational purposes and open-space land particularly suited
for recreational purposes.
   (b) The land described in subdivision (a) has been used for one or
more of the purposes specified therein for at least eight years
immediately preceding the date of the governing board's determination
to sell or lease the schoolsite.
   (c) No other available publicly owned land in the vicinity of the
schoolsite is adequate to meet the existing and foreseeable needs of
the community for playground, playing field, or other outdoor
recreational and open-space purposes, as determined by the governing
body of the public agency which proposes to purchase or lease land
from the school district, pursuant to Section 17492.