Chapter 1 General Provisions
Chapter 2 Ordinance Of Intention
Chapter 3 Proceeding By Petition
Chapter 4 Proceeding By Election
Chapter 5 Exclusion Of Counties Proposed For Inclusion In The District
Chapter 6 Incorporation Of The District
Chapter 7 Appointment And Tenure Of The Board Of Director
Chapter 8 Organization And Powers Of The Board And The Executive Officers
Chapter 9 District Powers
Chapter 10 Duties Of District Officers
Chapter 10.5 Claims
Chapter 10.6 Annual Audit Of The District
Chapter 11 Taxation For Preliminary District Expenses
Chapter 12 Authority For Issuance And Sale Of District Bond
Chapter 13 Issuance Of District Bonds And Disposition Of Surplus Proceeds
Chapter 14 Rights Of Way For District Works
Chapter 15 Toll Charges
Chapter 16 Disposition And Maintenance Of Adequate District Revenues
Chapter 17 Annexation Of Territory
Chapter 18 Golden Gate Bridge, Highway And Transportation District