§ 23000 This division shall be known and may be cited as the~
§ 23001 This division is an exercise of the police powers of the~
§ 23001.5 If any provision of this division or the application~
§ 23002 Unless the context otherwise requires, the definitions and~
§ 23003 “Alcohol” means ethyl alcohol, hydrated oxide of ethyl, or~
§ 23004 “Alcoholic beverage” includes alcohol, spirits, liquor,~
§ 23005 “Distilled spirits” means an alcoholic beverage obtained by~
§ 23006 “Beer” means any alcoholic beverage obtained by the~
§ 23007 “Wine” means the product obtained from normal alcoholic~
§ 23008 “Person” includes any individual, firm, copartnership, joint~
§ 23009 “Licensee” means any person holding a license, a permit, a~
§ 23010 “Taxpayer” means a person liable for the payment of a tax~
§ 23011 “Salesman” means any individual who solicits or receives an~
§ 23012 “Beer manufacturer” means any person engaged in the~
§ 23013 “Winegrower” means any person who has facilities and~
§ 23013.5 A “wine blender” is a person authorized to operate a~
§ 23014 “Brandy manufacturer” means any person engaged in the~
§ 23015 “Distilled spirits manufacturer” means any person who~
§ 23016 “Rectifier” means every person who colors, flavors, or~
§ 23017 “Importer” means:~
§ 23018 “Exporter” means any person who sells, delivers, or consigns~
§ 23019 “Customs broker” means every person who is authorized to act~
§ 23020 “Wine broker” means every person, other than a salesman who~
§ 23021 “Wholesaler” means every person other than a manufacturer,~
§ 23022 “Industrial alcohol dealer” means a person who sells alcohol~
§ 23023 “Retailer” means any on- or off-sale licensee.
§ 23024 “Retailer’s on-sale license” means on-sale beer licenses,~
§ 23025 “Sell” or “sale” and “to sell” includes any transaction~
§ 23026 “Retail sale” or “sale at retail” means the sale by an on-~
§ 23027 “Wholesale sale” or “sale at wholesale” means a sale to any~
§ 23028 “Package” means any container or receptacle used for holding~
§ 23029 “Case” or “original case” means a standard box or carton as~
§ 23030 “To bottle” or “to package” means to bottle, barrel, or~
§ 23031 “Gallon” or “wine gallon” means that liquid measure~
§ 23032 “Proof spirits” means that alcoholic liquor which contains~
§ 23033 “Proof gallon” means a gallon of proof spirits or an~
§ 23034 “Still” means any apparatus capable of being used for~
§ 23035 “Private warehouse” means any place maintained by a~
§ 23036 “Public warehouse” means any place licensed for the storage~
§ 23037 “Club” means a corporation or association which is the~
§ 23038 “Bona fide public eating place” means a place which is~
§ 23038.1 Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 23038, “bona~
§ 23038.2 Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 23038, for~
§ 23039 “Public premises” means:~
§ 23039.1 Notwithstanding any other provision of law, any on-sale~
§ 23040 “Within this State” means all territory within the~
§ 23041 “Without the State” means all territory without the~
§ 23042 “Board” means the State Board of Equalization, in the~
§ 23043 “Department” means the Department of Alcoholic Beverage~
§ 23044 “License” means a license authorized to be issued by the~
§ 23045 “Appeals board” means the Alcoholic Beverage Control Appeals~
§ 23046 “Air common carrier” means a person engaged in regularly~
§ 23047 “Scheduled flight” means a regularly scheduled and~