§ 25350 The department may seize the following alcoholic beverages:~
§ 25351 Any person who possesses alcoholic beverages which are~
§ 25352 The department or its employees may seize any unlicensed~
§ 25353 When alcoholic beverages or any other property are seized~
§ 25354 Alcoholic beverages manufactured or produced in this state~
§ 25355 Any alcoholic beverages or other property seized for~
§ 25356 Any person whose alcoholic beverages or other property,~
§ 25357 Any petition filed pursuant to Section 25356 shall be~
§ 25358 The department may order the alcoholic beverages or other~
§ 25359 Any beverage or other property seized by the department may~
§ 25360 When alcoholic beverages or other property are seized or~
§ 25361 Notice of the seizure and of the intended forfeiture~
§ 25362 Within 20 days after service of the notice of seizure and~
§ 25363 If at the end of 20 days after the notice has been mailed or~
§ 25364 If a verified answer has been filed, the forfeiture~
§ 25365 At the time set for the hearing, any of the owners who have~
§ 25366 If the fact is determined that the alcoholic beverages or~
§ 25367 At the time set for the hearing the claimant of any right,~
§ 25368 If the lienholder, mortgagee, or vendor proves the facts set~
§ 25369 In any case the Department of Finance may, within 30 days~
§ 25370 Upon a judgment in favor of the forfeiture, the alcoholic~
§ 25371 When alcoholic beverages or other property are seized under~
§ 25372 Any officer, employee, or agent of the Department of~
§ 25373 Any peace officer of this State upon seizing any alcoholic~
§ 25374 Nothing contained in this chapter applies to common carriers~
§ 25375 Upon 10 days notice to a person who holds a license~