§ 25750 The department shall make and prescribe those reasonable~
§ 25751 For the performance of its duties the department has the~
§ 25752 No licensee may manufacture, import, sell or distribute~
§ 25753 The department may make any examination of the books and~
§ 25754 The director and the persons employed by the department for~
§ 25755 The director and the persons employed by the department~
§ 25757 The department may authorize any of its executive officers~
§ 25758 When a person attends as a witness in any criminal case in~
§ 25758.5 In any hearing before the department pursuant to Section~
§ 25759 When license fees are required to be paid on or by specified~
§ 25760 Notice of any act of the department required by this~
§ 25761 All money collected as fees pursuant to this division, as~
§ 25762 All fines and forfeitures of bail imposed for a violation of~