§ 24200 The following are the grounds that constitute a basis for~
§ 24200.1 The following are additional bases upon which the~
§ 24200.5 Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 24200, the~
§ 24200.6 The department may revoke or suspend any license if the~
§ 24201 Accusations may be made to the department by any person~
§ 24202 All state and local law enforcement agencies shall~
§ 24203 Accusations against any on-sale or off-sale licensee may be~
§ 24204 The Chief of the Bureau of Food and Drug Inspection shall~
§ 24205 The license of any taxpayer shall be automatically suspended~
§ 24206 All accusations against licensees for violating or~
§ 24207 All accusations against licensees for violating or~
§ 24208 The periods of one year and three years referred to in~
§ 24209 When an arrest is made of any person, for a violation of~
§ 24210 The department may delegate the power to hear and decide~
§ 24211 The department may on its own motion at any time before a~