§ 12210 A corporation may be sued as provided in the Code of Civil~
§ 12211 Any corporation shall, as a condition of its existence as a~
§ 12212 The fees of the Secretary of State for filing instruments by~
§ 12213 Any agreement, certificate, or other instrument filed~
§ 12214 Upon receipt of any instrument by the Secretary of State~
§ 12214.5 The Secretary of State may cancel the filing of articles~
§ 12214.6 A corporation that (1) fails to file a statement~
§ 12215 Except as otherwise permitted, any reference in this part to~
§ 12216 If the articles provide for more than one vote for any~
§ 12217 All references in this part to financial statements of a~
§ 12218 As used in this part, “independent accountant” means a~
§ 12219 Any reference in this part to the time a notice is given or~
§ 12220 A notice or report mailed or delivered as part of a~
§ 12221 “Acknowledged” means that an instrument is either:~
§ 12222 “Approved by (or approval of) the board” means approved or~
§ 12223 “Approval by (or approval of) a majority of all members”~
§ 12224 “Approval by (or approval of) the members” means approved or~
§ 12225 “Articles” includes the articles of incorporation,~
§ 12226 “Bylaws” includes amendments thereto and amended bylaws.
§ 12227 “Board” means the board of directors of the corporation.
§ 12228 “Business corporation” means a corporation as defined in~
§ 12228.5 The term “chair” includes “chairperson,” “chairman,” and~
§ 12229 “Chapter” refers to a chapter of this part unless otherwise~
§ 12230 “Class” refers to those memberships which: (a) are~
§ 12231 “Constituent corporation” means a corporation which is~
§ 12232 “Corporation” as used in this part means a corporation which~
§ 12233
§ 12234 “Disappearing corporation” means a constituent corporation~
§ 12235 “Distribution” means the distribution of any gains, profits~
§ 12236 “Domestic corporation” means a corporation formed under the~
§ 12237 “Foreign corporation” means a foreign corporation as defined~
§ 12238 “Member” means any person who, pursuant to a specific~
§ 12239 A “membership” refers to the rights a member has pursuant to~
§ 12240 “Membership certificate,” as used in this part, means a~
§ 12241 “Officers’ certificate” means a certificate signed and~
§ 12242 “On the certificate,” as used in this part means that a~
§ 12242.5 “Other business entity” means a domestic or foreign~
§ 12242.6 “Parent party” means the corporation in control of any~
§ 12243 If the corporation is organized to provide goods or services~
§ 12244 “Patronage distribution” means any transfer made to a patron~
§ 12245 “Person,” unless otherwise expressly provided, includes any~
§ 12246 “Proper county” means the county where the corporation’s~
§ 12247 “Shareholder” shall have the same meaning as “member” as~
§ 12248 “Share certificate” shall have the same meaning as~
§ 12249 “Surviving corporation” means a corporation into which one~
§ 12250 “Vacancy” when used with respect to the board means any~
§ 12251 “Verified” means that the statements contained in a~
§ 12252 “Vote” includes, but is not limited to, authorization by~
§ 12253 “Voting power” means the power to vote for the election of~
§ 12254 “Written” or “in writing” includes facsimile, telegraphic,~
§ 12255 “Written ballot” does not include a ballot distributed at a~
§ 12256 A central organization is a corporation whose membership is~