(a) It is the intent of the Legislature that the California
Postsecondary Education Commission (CPEC) be responsible for
coordinating public, independent, and private postsecondary education
in California and providing independent policy analyses and
recommendations to the Legislature and the Governor on postsecondary
education issues. In this respect, the Legislature finds as follows:
   (1) California, in its adoption of the 1960 Master Plan for Higher
Education, established the Coordinating Council for Higher
Education, the commission's predecessor as the statewide coordinating
and planning board for higher education.
   (2) In 1973, the Legislature's Joint Committee on Higher Education
reviewed the 1960 Master Plan for Higher Education and ultimately
advanced a report that included recommendations for strengthening
California's higher education plan. The committee's work resulted in
the disestablishment of the Coordinating Council for Higher Education
and the establishment of the California Postsecondary Education
   (3) Assembly Bill 770 (Chapter 1187 of the Statutes of 1973)
strengthened the membership of the commission by having a majority of
its members represent the general public. That bill also increased
the commission's responsibilities with respect to advising the
Legislature and the Governor on issues related to governance,
operation, and financing of higher education in California.
   (4) Since 1974, the commission has served as the state's
independent planning and coordination agency for postsecondary
education policy, responsible for providing analyses and
recommendations to the Legislature and the Governor related to
long-range planning for public postsecondary education and the state
policy and programs involving independent and private postsecondary
education sectors.
   (5) In 1990, Senate Bill 1570 (Chapter 1587 of the Statutes of
1990) codified the commission's mission statement developed by the
1989 Joint Committee for the Review of the Master Plan for Higher
   (6) The commission has administered specifically designated
federal programs and in July 1993, it was named the state's
designated agency to administer the new federal state postsecondary
review entity (SPRE).
   (b) It is the intent of the Legislature that the commission
maintain the essential role it plays in coordinating all sectors of
postsecondary education, both public and private, given the size,
scope, and complexity of California's higher education system.
   (c) It is further the intent of the Legislature, as follows:
   (1) That the education policy recommendations of the commission
shall be a primary consideration in developing state policy and
funding for postsecondary education.
   (2) That the commission shall develop and maintain a data
collection system capable of documenting the performance of
postsecondary education institutions in meeting the post high school
education and training needs of California's diverse population.
   (3) That the commission, as the state's planning and coordinating
agency, shall ensure the effective utilization of public
postsecondary education resources, thereby eliminating waste and
unnecessary duplication, and shall promote diversity, innovation, and
responsiveness to student and societal needs.
   (4) That the commission shall encourage the participation of
faculty members, students, administrators, and members of the general
public in carrying out its duties and responsibilities.