As used in this chapter the following terms mean:
(a) "Classification" means that each position in the classified
service shall have a designated title, a regular minimum number of
assigned hours per day, days per week, and months per year, a
specific statement of the duties required to be performed by the
employees in each such position, and the regular monthly salary
ranges for each such position.
(b) "Permanent," as used in the phrase "permanent employee,"
includes tenure in the classification in which the employee passed
the required probationary period and includes all of the incidents of
that classification.
(c) "Regular," as used in the phrase "regular classified employee,"
or any similar phrase, refers to a classified employee who has
probationary or permanent status.
(d) "Demotion" means assignment to an inferior position or status
without the employee's written voluntary consent.
(e) "Disciplinary action" includes any action whereby an employee
is deprived of any classification or any incident of any
classification in which he or she has permanence, including
dismissal, suspension, demotion, or any reassignment, without his or
her voluntary consent, except a layoff for lack of work or lack of
(f) "Reclassification" means the upgrading of a position to a
higher classification as a result of the gradual increase of the
duties being performed by the incumbent in that position.
(g) "Layoff for lack of funds or layoff for lack of work" includes
any reduction in hours of employment or assignment to a class or
grade lower than that in which the employee has permanence,
voluntarily consented to by the employee, in order to avoid
interruption of employment by layoff.
(h) "Cause," relating to disciplinary actions against classified
employees, means those grounds for discipline or offenses enumerated
in the law or the written rules of a community college employer. No
disciplinary action may be maintained for any "cause" other than as
defined herein.
This section shall not apply to districts to which Article 3
(commencing with Section 88060) is applicable.
This section shall not apply to any district which, during the
1973-74 college year, had an average daily attendance of 100,000 or