Chapter 1 Advisory Body Repeal
Chapter 2 Nevada Compact
Chapter 2.6 California-Nevada Interstate Compact Commission
Chapter 2.7 Federal Old Age and Survivors’ Insurance
Chapter 2.8 Capitol Area Planning
Chapter 2.9 Confederate Flag
Chapter 3 Notaries Public
Chapter 3.1 Commission on the Status of Women and Girls
Chapter 3.2 Citizens Redistricting Commission
Chapter 3.3 Commission on Asian and Pacific Islander American Affairs
Chapter 3.5 Law Reform
Chapter 3.7 The California Commission on Disability Access
Chapter 4 Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Commission
Chapter 5 Miscellaneous
Chapter 5.1 Citizen Complaint Act of 1997
Chapter 5.2 Grant Information Act of 1999
Chapter 5.4 Automated External Defibrillators in State Buildings
Chapter 5.5 Drug-Free Workplace
Chapter 6 The Milton Marks Commission on California State Government Organization and Economy
Chapter 6.5 California State Auditor
Chapter 7 California Emergency Services Act
Chapter 7.4 Oil Spill Response and Contingency Planning
Chapter 7.5 California Disaster Assistance Act
Chapter 7.6 Economic Disaster Act of 1984
Chapter 7.8 Shelter Crisis
Chapter 8 Office of California-Mexico Affairs
Chapter 8.5 Mexican Repatriation
Chapter 8.8 California Museum of Latino History, Art, and Culture
Chapter 9 Art
Chapter 9.2 State-Designated Cultural Districts
Chapter 9.5 California Poet Laureate
Chapter 10 Public Broadcasting Act of 1975
Chapter 11 The Public Works Project Peer Review Act of 2013
Chapter 11.5 California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission
Chapter 11.8 California Debt Limit Allocation Committee
Chapter 12 Seismic Safety Commission Act
Chapter 12.1 The California Earthquake Hazards Reduction Act
Chapter 12.2 Building Earthquake Safety
Chapter 12.3 Center for Earthquake Engineering Research
Chapter 12.4 Disaster Recovery Reconstruction Act of 1986
Chapter 12.45 California Earthquake Safety and Housing Rehabilitation Bond Act of 1988
Chapter 12.47 Earthquake Safety and Public Buildings Rehabilitation Bond Act of 1990
Chapter 12.48 Seismic Retrofit Bond Act of 1996
Chapter 12.49 The Highway Safety, Traffic Reduction, Air Quality, and Port Security Bond Act of 2006
Chapter 12.491 Implementation of the Highway Safety, Traffic Reduction, Air Quality, and Port Security Bond Act of 2006
Chapter 12.5 [California State Lottery Act of 1984]
Chapter 13 California Broadband Council
Chapter 13.4 Hazardous Building Wall Anchorage Law
Chapter 13.5 Buildings With Concrete or Reinforced Masonry Column or Wall Construction
Chapter 13.8 Residential Strengthening-Seismic Safety
Chapter 14 Earthquake Research Evaluation Conference and Five-Year Statewide Research Plan