(a)  An individual may, upon compliance with the requirements of this section, be approved by the program to be a preceptor who is authorized to provide a training program in which the preceptor coordinates, supervises, and teaches persons seeking to meet specified requirements to qualify for the licensing examination under this chapter. The approval obtained under this section shall be effective for a period of two years, after which the preceptor is required to renew his or her preceptor status and attend a preceptor training course provided by the program.

(b)  In order to qualify to be a preceptor, a person shall meet all of the following conditions:

(1)  Be a current active California licensed nursing home administrator.

(2)  Have no pending disciplinary actions.

(3)  Have served for at least two years as the designated administrator of a California licensed nursing home or for at least four years as the designated assistant administrator of a California licensed nursing home.

(4)  Have gained experience in all administrative functions of a nursing home.

(c)  The applicant seeking approval to be a preceptor shall submit an application form provided by the program that requires the applicant’s name, address, birth date, the states and dates of issuance of all professional licenses, including those as a nursing home administrator, and any other information required by the program.

(d)  At the time of application, for purposes of substantiating that the conditions specified in subdivision (b) have been met, the applicant shall provide satisfactory evidence of his or her education, experience, and knowledge that qualifies him or her to supervise the training of an AIT Program participant and verification that the facilities at which the applicant has had direct management control as an administrator had a continuous operating history, free from major deficiencies, during the period of the applicant’s administration.

(e)  An applicant shall not be approved as a preceptor until the applicant attends a preceptor’s training seminar provided or approved by the program.

(f)  (1)  For purposes of this section, “AIT” means Administrator-in-Training.

(2)  The following requirements shall apply to a preceptor approved pursuant to this section:

(A)  The preceptor shall provide a directly supervised training program that will include a minimum of 20 hours per week and a maximum of 60 hours per week and be available at least by telephone at all other times. There shall be regular personal contact between the preceptor and the AIT during the training program. For purposes of this subparagraph, “a directly supervised training program” means supervision by a preceptor of an AIT during the performance of duties authorized by this section. The preceptor shall be available during the AIT’s performance of those duties.

(B)  The preceptor shall be the designated administrator of the facility where the training is conducted.

(C)  The preceptor may not supervise more than two AIT trainees during the same time period.

(D)  The preceptor shall inform the NHAP of any significant training program changes dealing with his or her specific AIT.

(E)  The preceptor shall rate the AIT’s training performance and complete an AIT evaluation report at the end of the AIT’s training.

(F)  The preceptor shall be evaluated by the program based on the examination success and failure history of his or her AIT trainees and the program may revoke or suspend preceptor certificates as appropriate.

(Added by Stats. 2001, Ch. 687, Sec. 5. Effective January 1, 2002.)