§ 12560 Any proceeding, initiated with respect to a corporation, under any …

Terms Used In California Codes > Corporations Code > Title 1 > Division 3 > Part 2 > Chapter 11

  • Corporation: as used in this part means a corporation which is organized under, or subject to this part, including a central organization. See California Corporations Code 12232
  • Domestic work: means services related to the care of persons in private households or maintenance of private households or their premises. See California Public Utilities Code 100470
  • Domestic work employee: means an individual who performs domestic work and includes live-in domestic work employees and personal attendants. See California Public Utilities Code 100470
  • Personal attendant: means any person employed by a private householder or by any third-party employer recognized in the health care industry to work in a private household, to supervise, feed, or dress a child, or a person who by reason of advanced age, physical disability, or mental deficiency needs supervision. See California Public Utilities Code 100470