(a) It is the intent of the Legislature to encourage school districts to plan and implement alternative models of school-based management projects, or advanced career opportunities for classroom teachers projects, or a combination of both, for one or more schools in the district. Further, it is the intent of the Legislature that school district governing boards and administrators work with classroom teachers and teacher bargaining units to develop and strengthen procedures that increase teachers’ decisionmaking authority in responsibilities that affect their ability to teach. These procedures may include, but need not be limited to, the following:

(1) Selection of new teachers and administrators.

Terms Used In California Education Code 44667

  • Budget authority: Authority provided by law to enter into obligations that will result in outlays of Federal funds. Budget authority may be classified by the period of availability (one-year, multiyear, no-year), by the timing of congressional action (current or permanent), or by the manner of determining the amount available (definite or indefinite).

(2) Evaluation of teacher and administrator performance.

(3) Selection of curricular areas for improvement.

(4) Tailoring and coordination of curriculum and instruction across grade levels and within departments at the schoolsite level.

(5) Establishment of pupil discipline policies.

(6) Design and conduct of staff development programs and policies.

(7) Assignment of pupils and scheduling of classes.

(8) Schoolwide problem solving and program development.

(9) Organization of the school for effective instruction.

(10) Development of procedures designed to institutionalize teacher involvement in decisionmaking.

(11) Determining the roles and functions of teachers, administrators, and classified employees at the school site.

(12) Development of alternative methods of teacher compensation that reward teaching excellence, exceptional achievement or the assumption of additional educational responsibilities.

(13) Establishment of policies to decentralize district decisionmaking by providing schoolsite administrators and teachers with greater budget authority including the allocation of fiscal, personnel, and other resources at the schoolsite.

(b) Participation of school discticts in the programs established pursuant to this article shall be on a voluntary basis. A school district shall be eligible to participate only upon the approval of participation by both the governing board of the district and the exclusive representative of certificated employees of the district.

(Added by Stats. 1989, Ch. 1282, Sec. 1.)