(a) The county committee may add to the petition any appropriate provisions which were not included in the petition as filed, and may amend any provision which was so included.

(b) At least 10 days before the public hearing on the petition, the county committee shall make available to the public, the governing boards affected by the petition, and the board of governors, a description of the petition and a report which includes a description or analysis of all the following:

(1) The rights of the employees in the affected districts to continued employment.

(2) The financial impact of the proposed change on each affected district.

(3) Whether the districts involved will be governed, in part, by provisions of a city charter and, if so, in what way.

(4) A description of the territory affected.

(5) A description of how the property, obligations, and bonded indebtedness of existing districts will be divided.

(6) Whether the reorganization will significantly affect racial or ethnic composition of districts.

(7) Determination of impact of proposed change upon boards of trustees.

(8) A draft statement of the terms of the agreement regarding all conditions of the transfer, when applicable, for consideration by governing boards of affected districts.

(9) Whether the change is compatible with the district master plan of the county.

(Amended by Stats. 1990, Ch. 1372, Sec. 373.)