(a) Pursuant to funding made available in subdivision (d) of Provision 7 of Item 6110-196-001 of the Budget Act of 2000, the Superintendent of Public Instruction shall contract for a financial intermediary, pursuant to Section 8290.1, by January 1, 2001.

(b) The financial intermediary, during its first six months of operation, shall do all of the following:

Terms Used In California Education Code 8279.6

  • Contract: A legal written agreement that becomes binding when signed.

(1) Create and publicize an 800 technical assistance telephone service number.

(2) Provide financial development training for agencies at the local level including, but not limited to, Regional Resource Centers, Resource and Referral Agencies, and local child care planning councils that are assisting existing and potential providers renovate, expand, build or purchase facilities.

(3) Determine the financing barriers and impediments to the development of child care facilities, especially in underserved areas of the state.

(4) Identify funding sources that may be leveraged by the state, and partnerships with the philanthropic and corporate sectors that may be established, with the goal of increasing funding available for child care facilities for California’s CalWORKs and low-income families.

(Added by renumbering Section 8290.2 by Stats. 2004, Ch. 896, Sec. 23. Effective September 29, 2004.)