Article 1 General Provisions 20050 – 20052.5
Article 2 Creation and Powers of the Endowment 20053 – 20060
Article 3 Grants and Loans 20070 – 20074
Article 4 Cultural and Historical Policy 20080
Article 5 Museum and Cultural Resources Program 20090 – 20092

Terms Used In California Codes > Education Code > Title 1 > Division 1 > Part 11 > Chapter 13

  • authority: means the Siskiyou Railroad Authority. See California Education Code 20074
  • creditor: means the state or the department or agency of the state seeking to collect the liability. See California Code of Civil Procedure 688.040
  • debtor: means the debtor from whom the liability is sought to be collected. See California Code of Civil Procedure 688.040
  • Development: includes , but is not limited to, improvement, rehabilitation, restoration, enhancement, preservation, protection, and interpretation. See California Education Code 20052
  • directors: means natural persons, designated in the articles or bylaws or elected by the incorporators, and their successors and natural persons designated, elected, or appointed by any other name or title to act as members of the governing body of the corporation. See California Government Code 31781.11
  • Endowment: means the California Cultural and Historical Endowment created pursuant to Section 20053, or the board of the endowment, as appropriate. See California Education Code 20052
  • Museum: means a public or private nonprofit institution that is organized on a permanent basis for essentially educational or aesthetic purposes and that owns or uses tangible objects, cares for those objects, and exhibits them to the general public on a regular basis. See California Education Code 20052
  • Nonprofit organization: means any nonprofit public benefit corporation that is formed pursuant to the Nonprofit Corporation Law (commencing with Section 500 of the Corporations Code), qualified to do business in California, and qualified under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, that has, among its principal charitable purposes, the preservation of historic or cultural resources for cultural, scientific, historic, educational, recreational, agricultural, or scenic opportunities. See California Education Code 20052
  • Preservation: includes , but is not limited to, identification, evaluation, recordation, restoration, stabilization, development, and reconstruction, or any combination of those activities. See California Education Code 20052
  • Public agency: means a federal agency, state agency, city, county, district, association of governments, joint powers agency, or tribal organization. See California Education Code 20052