(a) Before grants from the fund may be allocated to any of the three Alameda Corridor East Projects identified in paragraphs (54), (55), and (73) of subdivision (a) of Section 14556.40, a report shall be completed and submitted to the commission within one year of the operative date of this section. The report shall be prepared by a team consisting of the lead applicants for those projects and the Riverside County Transportation Commission. The report shall address regional mobility needs as well as regional, state, and national economic impacts of the corridor. The team shall also evaluate and assess the technical merits, determine the phasing and delivery schedule, and identify a financing strategy for the proposed corridor improvements. Based on the good faith participation of the stakeholders, the commission shall allocate some or all of the available funds to one or more of the lead applicants for specific projects within the corridor that meet the requirements under this chapter.

(b) Funds may be allocated from the fund to produce the report required under this section.

Terms Used In California Government Code 14556.52

(Amended by Stats. 2000, Ch. 656, Sec. 7. Effective September 26, 2000.)