If the Legislature is convened in special session pursuant to this article on the date specified by the State Constitution for the convening of a regular session, the Legislature may convene in such regular session without adjourning the special session or it may provide by concurrent resolution that the subjects to be considered at the regular session may be acted upon at the special session, and in such case the regular session shall not be convened.

(Added by renumbering Section 9038 by Stats. 1968, Ch. 312.)

Terms Used In California Government Code 9037

  • Concurrent resolution: A legislative measure, designated "S. Con. Res." and numbered consecutively upon introduction, generally employed to address the sentiments of both chambers, to deal with issues or matters affecting both houses, such as a concurrent budget resolution, or to create a temporary joint committee. Concurrent resolutions are not submitted to the President/Governor and thus do not have the force of law.
  • State: means the State of California, unless applied to the different parts of the United States. See California Education Code 19427