Article 1 General 25350 – 25376
Article 2 Jails in Other Counties 25380 – 25384
Article 3 Cement Manufacturing Plants 25400 – 25404
Article 6 Purchase of Personal Property 25480 – 25486
Article 7 Purchasing Agents 25500 – 25509
Article 7.5 Development of Public Property 25515 – 25515.5
Article 8 Sale or Lease of Real Property 25520 – 25539.6
Article 10 Joint Occupancy 25549.1 – 25549.13
Article 11 Condominium Occupancy 25549.20 – 25549.23

Terms Used In California Codes > Government Code > Title 3 > Division 2 > Part 2 > Chapter 5

  • Armed forces: means the United States Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard. See California Education Code 88113
  • board of governors: shall be deemed to refer to the board of trustees. See California Government Code 25217.4
  • building: includes onsite and offsite facilities, utilities, and improvements, including permanent improvement of the grounds of a building, which, as agreed upon by the parties, are appropriate for the proper operation or function of the building to be occupied jointly by the county or city and county and the private person, firm, or corporation. See California Government Code 25549.1
  • Classification: means that each position in the classified service shall have a designated title, a regular minimum number of assigned hours per day, days per week, and months per year, a specific statement of the duties required to be performed by the employees in each such position, and the regular monthly salary ranges for each such position. See California Education Code 88001
  • Corporation: as used in this part means a corporation which is organized under, or subject to this part, including a central organization. See California Corporations Code 12232
  • Demotion: means assignment to an inferior position or status without the employee's written voluntary consent. See California Education Code 88001
  • Disciplinary action: includes any action whereby an employee is deprived of any classification or any incident of any classification in which he or she has permanence, including dismissal, suspension, demotion, or any reassignment, without his or her voluntary consent, except a layoff for lack of work or lack of funds. See California Education Code 88001
  • disciplinary agency: means the agency charged with the discipline of attorneys for professional misconduct. See California Government Code 25515.2
  • licensed clinic: means a clinic licensed pursuant to Article 1 (commencing with Section 1200) of Chapter 1 of Division 2 of the Health and Safety Code. See California Education Code 88221
  • Notice: includes all papers and orders required to be served in any proceedings before any court, board, or officer, or when required by law to be served independently of such proceeding. See California Government Code 26660
  • permanent employee: includes tenure in the classification in which the employee passed the required probationary period and includes all of the incidents of that classification. See California Education Code 88001
  • Process: includes all writs, warrants, summons, and orders of courts of justice, or judicial officers. See California Government Code 26660
  • Reclassification: means the upgrading of a position to a higher classification as a result of the gradual increase of the duties being performed by the incumbent in that position. See California Education Code 88001
  • Veteran: as used in this article means any person who has served in the United States armed forces in time of war, or national emergency declared by the President of the United States of America, and who has been discharged or released under conditions other than dishonorable, proof of which shall be submitted to the commission at the time of the examination. See California Education Code 88113
  • Veterinary food-animal drugs: as used in this chapter shall include the following:

    California Education Code 88262