The State Department of Social Services shall provide grants to proposed and existing local rape victim counseling centers. Such centers shall maintain a 24-hour telephone counseling service for rape victims, appropriate in-person counseling and referred service during normal business hours, and maintain other standards or services which shall be determined to be appropriate by the advisory committee established pursuant to Section 13836 of the Penal Code as grant conditions. The advisory committee shall identify the criteria to be utilized in awarding the grants provided by this chapter before any funds are allocated.

In order to be eligible for funding pursuant to this chapter, the centers shall demonstrate an ability to receive and make use of any funds available from governmental, voluntary, philanthropic, or other sources which may be used to augment any state funds appropriated for purposes of this chapter. Each center receiving funds pursuant to this chapter shall make every attempt to qualify for any available federal funding.

Terms Used In California Health and Safety Code 1598.1

State funds provided to establish centers shall be utilized when possible, as determined by the advisory committee, to expand the program and shall not be expended to reduce fiscal support from other public or private sources. The centers shall maintain quarterly and final fiscal reports in a form to be prescribed by the advisory committee. In granting funds, the advisory committee shall give priority to centers which are operated in close proximity to medical treatment facilities.

(Amended by Stats. 1980, Ch. 917.)