Article 1 Purpose and Scope of Chapter 1850.4 – 1851.1
Article 2 Making and Use of Rates 1853.5 – 1853.9
Article 2.5 Making and Use of Rates-Insurance of Properties Being Purchased From Department of Veterans Affairs 1853.95 – 1853.97
Article 4 Advisory Organizations 1855 – 1855.5
Article 5 Joint Underwriting and Joint Reinsurance 1856
Article 6 Records and Examinations 1857 – 1857.4
Article 6.5 Recording and Reporting of Loss and Expense Experience 1857.7 – 1857.9
Article 7 Hearings, Procedure and Judicial Review 1858 – 1858.7
Article 8 Penalties 1859 – 1859.1
Article 9 Miscellaneous 1860 – 1860.3
Article 10 [Reduction and Control of Insurance Rates] 1861.01 – 1861.16

Terms Used In California Codes > Insurance Code > Division 1 > Part 2 > Chapter 9

  • Act of Congress: means the act of Congress approved June 18, 1934, titled "An act to provide for the establishment, operation, and maintenance of foreign-trade zones in ports of entry of the United States, to expedite and encourage foreign commerce, and for other purposes" (48 U. See California Insurance Code 1850.5
  • advisory organization: means every group, association, or other organization of insurers, whether located within or outside of this state, that develops and prepares policy or bond forms, or manuals, for use by admitted insurers, carries on research relative to the development and preparation of policy and bond forms, and acts in an advisory, as distinguished from a ratemaking, capacity. See California Insurance Code 1855.2
  • Catastrophic health insurance: means a supplementary insurance contract that indemnifies a California resident for medical expenses, including at least the costs of the basic health care services that result from an illness, injury, or disease, and that are greater than fifty thousand dollars ($50,000), subject to a lifetime benefit limit of one million dollars ($1,000,000). See California Labor Code 3503
  • creditor: means the state or the department or agency of the state seeking to collect the liability. See California Code of Civil Procedure 688.040
  • debtor: means the debtor from whom the liability is sought to be collected. See California Code of Civil Procedure 688.040
  • Department: means the Department of Conservation. See California Education Code 32390
  • Director: means the Director of Industrial Relations. See California Labor Code 3700.1
  • employer: means :

    California Labor Code 3300

  • Grant program: means the program established pursuant to Section 10280. See California Education Code 32390
  • Incurred liabilities for the payment of compensation: means the sum of an estimate of future compensation, as compensation is defined by Section 3207, plus an estimate of the amount necessary to provide for the administration of claims, including legal costs. See California Labor Code 3700.1
  • injury: as used in this division , includes cancer, including leukemia, that develops or manifests itself during a period in which any member described in subdivision (a) is in the service of the department or unit, if the member demonstrates that he or she was exposed, while in the service of the department or unit, to a known carcinogen as defined by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, or as defined by the director. See California Public Utilities Code 102244
  • Insurer: as used in this chapter includes a disability insurer that covers hospital, medical, or surgical expenses, and a nonprofit hospital service plan. See California Labor Code 3503
  • Member: means a private self-insurer which participates in the Self-Insurers' Security Fund. See California Labor Code 3700.1
  • partnership: means the School/Law Enforcement Partnership established by this section. See California Education Code 32262
  • Personal physician: includes a medical group, if the medical group is a single corporation or partnership composed of licensed doctors of medicine or osteopathy, which operates an integrated multispecialty medical group providing comprehensive medical services predominantly for nonoccupational illnesses and injuries. See California Labor Code 4600
  • Public corporation: means the state, any political subdivision thereof, any incorporated municipality therein, any public agency of the state, of any political subdivision thereof, or of any municipality therein, or any corporate municipal instrumentality of this state, or of this state and one or more other states. See California Insurance Code 1850.5
  • Resident: means any individual who lives in California for at least 90 consecutive days. See California Labor Code 3503