If a majority of the electors voting on the proposition vote for it, then the board may, by resolution, at such time or times as it deems proper, issue bonds of the district for the whole or any part of the amount of the indebtedness so authorized and may from time to time, by resolution, provide for the issuance of such amounts as the necessity thereof may appear, until the full amount of such bonds authorized shall have been issued. The full amount of bonds may be divided into two or more series and different dates and different dates of payment fixed for the bonds of each series. A bond need not mature on an anniversary of its date. The maximum term the bonds of any series shall run before maturity shall not exceed 50 years from the date of each series respectively. In such resolution or resolutions, the board shall prescribe the form of the bonds (including, without limitation, registered bonds and coupon bonds) and the form of any coupons to be attached thereto, the registration, conversion and exchange privileges, if any, pertaining thereto, and fix the time when the whole or any part of the principal shall become due and payable.

(Added by Stats. 1971, Ch. 1374.)

Terms Used In California Public Utilities Code 102504

  • district: as used in this article , shall be limited to such territory for purposes of the election and the incurring of indebtedness, and for purposes of Section 102336. See California Public Utilities Code 102500