Chapter 90 Town and Other Community Meetings
Chapter 91 Selectmen
Chapter 92 Town Clerks
Chapter 92a Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act
Chapter 93 Registrars of Vital Statistics
Chapter 94 Town Treasurers
Chapter 95 Constables
Chapter 96 Town Manager
Chapter 97 Municipalities: General Provisions
Chapter 97a Historic Districts and Historic Properties
Chapter 98 Municipal Powers
Chapter 99 Municipal Charters and Special Acts
Chapter 100 Municipal Parking Authorities
Chapter 101 Municipal Gas and Electric Plants
Chapter 101a Municipal Electric Energy Cooperatives
Chapter 101b Municipal Telecommunications Services
Chapter 102 Municipal Waterworks Systems
Chapter 103 Municipal Sewerage Systems
Chapter 103a Transit Districts
Chapter 103b Municipal Resource Recovery Authorities
Chapter 104 Municipal Police and Fire Protection
Chapter 105 Fire, Sewer and Other Districts
Chapter 105a Municipal Special Services Districts
Chapter 106 Town Boards of Finance
Chapter 108 Municipal Reserve Fund
Chapter 109 Municipal Bond Issues
Chapter 110 Municipal Uniform Fiscal Years
Chapter 111 Municipal Auditing Act
Chapter 112 Municipal Finance
Chapter 112a Municipal Pension Solvency Loan Program
Chapter 113 Municipal Employees
Chapter 113a Municipal Risk Management Pools
Chapter 113b Municipal Liability Trust Fund
Chapter 114 Connecticut City and Town Development Act
Chapter 115 State Grants to Municipalities
Chapter 116 Local Emergency Relief Account
Chapter 116a Local Property Tax Relief Trust Fund
Chapter 116b Local Capital Improvement Fund
Chapter 116c Public Investment Communities
Chapter 117 Municipal Deficit Financing
Chapter 118 Neighborhood Revitalization Zones
Chapter 119 Federally Designated Empowerment Zones