Any owner of any such place who has lost the evidences of his title, after filing the same with the town clerk, may apply to the shellfish commission of the town in which such place is situated, and in East Haven and West Haven to the selectmen, and if he satisfies them that the same justly belongs to him, and that he had obtained and filed such evidences of title with the town clerk, and that such evidences have been lost or destroyed, such commission or selectmen may designate and set such place to him anew, notwithstanding he may have acquired title to other places, though the whole of the places held by him would exceed two acres in extent; but no new application and designation shall affect the rights of any other person to any place so designated and set out or to the oysters thereon. Any person who fraudulently procures any such place to be designated and set to himself, or to any other person, under the provisions of this section shall be fined not more than three hundred dollars.