§ 20-279b Definitions
§ 20-280 Board of Accountancy. Members’ terms. Meetings. Seal. Maintenance of registry. Printing of directory. Powers. Regulations
§ 20-280a Comptroller to perform fiscal duties of and provide clerical assistance to board
§ 20-280b Hearing. Order to discontinue violation. Civil penalty
§ 20-280c Investigation of complaints
§ 20-280d Investigation of applicant’s qualifications. Administration of examinations. Rosters
§ 20-280e Connecticut Certified Public Accountant’s Certificate: Issuance, qualifications, requirements, prohibitions
§ 20-281 Permit to practice. Quality review
§ 20-281a Revocation or suspension of certificate, license, practice privilege or permit. Refusal to renew. Civil penalty. Probation. Reasons therefor
§ 20-281b Licenses and permits to practice public accountancy issued prior to October 1, 1992. Renewal requirements. Titles
§ 20-281c Certificate of certified public accountant. Good character, education, experience and examination requirements. Examination fee. Registration of certificate. Registration fee
§ 20-281d Issuance of initial license to persons and license renewal. Holders of certificates from other states. Continuing education requirements. Fees. Applicants’ disclosure requirements
§ 20-281e Granting of initial permit to practice public accountancy to firms. Permit renewal. Annual fee. Disclosure requirements. Exemptions to permit requirement for out-of-state firms
§ 20-281f Suspension or revocation of registration, certificate, license, practice privilege or permit. Refusal to renew. Reinstatement
§ 20-281g Prohibition against issuing report or offering or rendering attest or compilation services without valid license or permit. Exceptions. Use of titles restricted
§ 20-281h Violations. Fine or imprisonment
§ 20-281i Evidence of commission of single prohibited act sufficient to justify penalty, injunction, restraining order or conviction
§ 20-281j Confidentiality of client information
§ 20-281k Statements, records, schedules, working papers and memoranda incident to practice of public accountancy. Return of original records. Retention of certain workpaper
§ 20-281l Contingent fees and referrals
§ 20-281m Contingent fees
§ 20-281n Practice privilege: Qualifications; rendering of services in this state; conditions of privilege; disciplinary action; determining substantial equivalency