§ 20-377k Definitions
§ 20-377l Use of title. Use of seal
§ 20-377m Application for certificate of registration. Fee
§ 20-377n Qualifications for certificate of registration. Reciprocity
§ 20-377o Issuance of certificate of registration. Suspension, revocation, refusal to issue or renew. Notice and hearing
§ 20-377p Certificate of registration. Roster of registered interior designers, licensed architects and other information. Index and record
§ 20-377q Investigations. Subpoenas. Injunctions
§ 20-377r Grounds for revocation or suspension of certificate of registration. Notice and hearing
§ 20-377s Inclusion of certificate of registration number in advertisement and written communication. Prohibited acts. License nontransferable. Expiration of certificate. Renewal fees. Continuing education
§ 20-377t Regulations
§ 20-377u Appeals
§ 20-377v Penalties