§ 42-179 New motor vehicle warranties. Leased vehicles. Resales. Transfers. Manufacturer buybacks
§ 42-179a Copies of paperwork or invoices
§ 42-179b Dealers and lessors to deliver information
§ 42-180 Costs and attorney’s fees in breach of warranty actions
§ 42-181 Department arbitration procedure. Records. Appeals
§ 42-182 Certification of manufacturer’s informal dispute settlement procedures
§ 42-183 Institution of proceedings
§ 42-184 Unfair trade practices
§ 42-185 Waiver of filing fees, statement prohibited
§ 42-186 Action brought by lessee against manufacturer. Lessee to notify lessor. Lessor authorized to petition to be made a party to proceeding
§ 42-190 New automobile warranties account surcharge. Account