Title 1 Provisions of General Application
Title 2 General Assembly and Legislative Agencies
Title 2c Review and Termination of Governmental Entities and Programs
Title 3 State Elective Officers
Title 4 Management of State Agencies
Title 4a Administrative Services
Title 4b State Real Property
Title 4d State Information and Telecommunication Systems
Title 4e State Contracting
Title 5 State Employees
Title 6 Counties and County Officers. Judicial and State Marshals
Title 7 Municipalities
Title 8 Zoning, Planning, Housing, Economic and Community Development and Human Resources
Title 9 Elections
Title 10 Education and Culture
Title 10a State System of Higher Education
Title 11 Libraries
Title 12 Taxation
Title 13a Highways and Bridges
Title 13b Transportation
Title 14 Motor Vehicles. Use of the Highway By Vehicles. Gasoline
Title 15 Navigation and Aeronautics
Title 16 Public Service Companies
Title 16a Planning and Energy Policy
Title 17 Public Assistance and Welfare Services
Title 17a Social and Human Services and Resources
Title 17b Social Services
Title 18 Correctional Institutions and Department of Correction
Title 19a Public Health and Well-Being
Title 20 Professional and Occupational Licensing, Certification, Title Protection and Registration. Examining Boards
Title 21 Licenses
Title 21a Consumer Protection
Title 22 Agriculture. Domestic Animals
Title 22a Environmental Protection
Title 23 Parks, Forests and Public Shade Trees
Title 24 State Geological and Natural History Survey. Weather Control Board
Title 25 Water Resources. Flood and Erosion Control
Title 26 Fisheries and Game
Title 27 Armed Forces and Veterans
Title 28 Civil Preparedness and Emergency Services
Title 29 Public Safety and State Police
Title 30 Intoxicating Liquors
Title 31 Labor
Title 32 Commerce and Economic and Community Development
Title 33 Corporations
Title 34 Limited Partnerships, Partnerships, Professional Associations, Limited Liability Companies and Statutory Trusts
Title 35 Trade Regulations, Trademarks and Collective and Certification Marks
Title 36a The Banking Law of Connecticut
Title 36b Connecticut Securities Law and Business Opportunity Investment Act
Title 37 Interest
Title 38a Insurance
Title 40 Warehouses and Warehouse Receipts. Trust Receipts
Title 41 Bills of Lading
Title 42 Business, Selling, Trading and Collection Practices
Title 42a Uniform Commercial Code
Title 42b Registered Obligations of Public Entities
Title 43 Weights and Measures
Title 44 Hotel and Inn Keepers
Title 45a Probate Courts and Procedure
Title 46a Human Rights
Title 46b Family Law
Title 47 Land and Land Titles
Title 47a Landlord and Tenant
Title 48 Eminent Domain
Title 49 Mortgages and Liens
Title 50 Lost and Unclaimed Property
Title 50a International Law
Title 51 Courts
Title 52 Civil Actions
Title 53 Crimes
Title 53a Penal Code
Title 54 Criminal Procedure
Title 55 Concluding Provisions