The managers of each crematory shall keep books of record, which shall be open at reasonable times for inspection, in which shall be entered the name, age, sex and residence of each person whose body is cremated, together with the authority for such cremation and the disposition of the ashes. The owner or superintendent shall complete the cremation permit required by § 19a-323, retain a copy for record and immediately forward the original permit to the registrar of the town in which the death occurred. The registrar shall keep the cremation permit on file and record it with other vital statistics. When any body is removed from this state for the purpose of cremation, the person having the legal custody and control of such body shall cause a certificate to be procured from the person in charge of the crematory in which such body is incinerated, stating the facts called for in this section, and cause such certificate to be filed for record with the registrar of the town in which the death occurred. Each crematory shall retain on its premises, for not less than three years after final disposition of cremated remains, books of record, copies of cremation permits, cremation authorization documentation and documentation of receipt of cremated remains.