It is found and declared that large quantities of agricultural products, grown in Connecticut or brought from other states or countries into this state for consumption, must pass through wholesale marketing systems which are inadequate to meet present and future requirements; that the inadequacy of these systems contributes to high distributing costs and deterioration of products with concomitant losses to growers, distributors and the consuming public; that improvement of these systems would annually result in large savings to the consuming public, distributors and agricultural producers alike, all for the general welfare; that the efforts of public officers, the produce trade and other interested organizations to achieve these improvements by purely private means have not succeeded; that the establishment and operation of regional markets have become and are public uses and purposes for which public money may be spent and private property acquired and are governmental functions of state concern; that it is in the public interest to authorize the creation of marketing facilities which are to be organized and operated on a nonprofit, self-liquidating basis.