The provisions of § 3-20 shall apply to all bonds authorized under this chapter and such bonds and temporary notes in anticipation of money to be derived from the sale of such bonds shall be issued and sold in the manner provided in said section. Such bonds shall be in serial form, maturing in substantially equal annual installments, beginning approximately one year after the estimated date of the completion of the regional market or markets or other improvements as determined by the Marketing Authority, and in such amounts that the whole amount shall be paid within thirty years from the first date of issue. Each such bond shall bear upon its face the following statement: “The full faith and credit of the state of Connecticut are pledged to the payment of the principal and the interest hereof.” In any case in which, for the purposes of this chapter, the Marketing Authority finds it desirable to borrow money in amounts not sufficient to warrant the issuance of bonds, it may borrow from funds of the state, in an amount or amounts not exceeding in the aggregate one hundred thousand dollars, with the approval of the State Bond Commission and the Investment Advisory Council.