Any wood-burning facility, as defined in subdivision (24) of section 22a-207 which holds a permit pursuant to the provisions of section 22a-208a or sections 22a-174, 22a-430 or 22a-368, shall only burn recycled wood, wood from silvicultural, landscaping, land conversion or land clearing activities, sawmill, tree service, or pulpwood production operations, including raw wood chips, chipped clean pallets, clean saw dust or mill scraps, clean, untreated construction lumber scraps, or chipped land clearing debris such as tree trimmings, chipped whole trees or chipped stumps and tree roots. For purposes of this section, “recycled wood” means any wood or wood fuel which is derived from such products or processes as pallets, skids, spools, packaging materials, bulky wood waste, or scraps from newly built wood products, provided such wood is not treated wood or demolition wood.