(a) There is established the Materials Innovation and Recycling Authority. The Materials Innovation and Recycling Authority shall constitute a successor authority to the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority in accordance with the provisions of sections 4-38d, 4-38e and 4-39.

Terms Used In Connecticut General Statutes 22a-260a

(b) Wherever the words “Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority” are used in any public or special act of 2014 or in the following sections of the general statutes, the words “Materials Innovation and Recycling Authority” shall be substituted in lieu thereof: 1-79, 1-120, 1-124, 1-125, 3-24d, 3-24f, 7-329a, 12-412, 12-459, 16-1, 16-245, 16-245b, 22a-208a, 22a-208v, 22a-209h, 22a-219b, 22a-220, 22a-241, 22a-260, 22a-261, 22a-263a, 22a-263b, 22a-268a, 22a-268b, 22a-270a, 22a-272a, 22a-282, 22a-283, 22a-284, 32-1e and 32-658.

(c) The Legislative Commissioners’ Office shall, in codifying the provisions of this section, make such conforming, technical, grammatical and punctuation changes as are necessary to carry out the purposes of this section.