No shellfish commission or selectmen shall grant any designation of ground for the planting or cultivation of oysters, until the applicant for such ground has shown them a certificate from the town clerk that the ground has not been previously designated and that such ground is within the limits allotted by law for designation by such commission or selectmen, together with a receipt from the town treasurer, acknowledging that the money for such designation has been deposited with him, pending the action of the commission or selectmen. Town clerks may grant such certificates upon satisfactory proof of such facts by maps and examination of the law and records. Town treasurers may receive such moneys and give such receipts and, if the designation is granted, may retain the money for the use of the town; but, if the application is denied, they shall, on demand of the applicant, refund such payment. Any member of any shellfish commission or of any board of selectmen who violates any of the provisions of this section shall have committed an infraction.