§ 51-275 Definitions
§ 51-275a Criminal Justice Commission established
§ 51-276 Division established
§ 51-277 Powers and duties of division. Representation of the state by Chief State’s Attorney
§ 51-277a Investigation of the use of physical force by a peace officer that results in death of another person
§ 51-277b Investigation of judge or employee of Judicial Department; notice to Chief State’s Attorney and appropriate state’s attorney, regulations
§ 51-277c Investigation and prosecution of crimes involving physical violence and possession of firearm
§ 51-277d Complaint re failure to prosecute in death case. Response
§ 51-278 Appointment, salaries and removal of prosecutorial officials
§ 51-278a Qualifications of prosecutorial officials. Full-time duties
§ 51-278b Removal of prosecutorial officials. Procedure
§ 51-278c Term of office of Chief State’s Attorney incumbent on June 3, 1985
§ 51-279 Duties of Chief State’s Attorney. Budget
§ 51-279a Division of Criminal Justice Advisory Board. Members. Duties
§ 51-279b Racketeering unit. Bond forfeiture unit. Standards for compromise and settlement of forfeited bonds
§ 51-279c Training program for prosecuting attorneys
§ 51-279d Hate Crimes Advisory Committee
§ 51-279e Report on monetary recoveries achieved as a result of fraud investigations of medical assistance programs administered by the Department of Social Services
§ 51-280 Performance rating of state’s attorneys
§ 51-281 Jurisdiction of prosecutorial officials
§ 51-285 Special prosecutors, special inspectors and special federal prosecutors
§ 51-285a Prosecutorial officials handling juvenile matters
§ 51-286 Chief inspectors. Inspectors. Assistance of state and local police
§ 51-286a Duties and powers of prosecutorial officials
§ 51-286b Duties re housing matters
§ 51-286c Employment of detectives for special investigation
§ 51-286d Notification to families of certain victims of court proceedings
§ 51-286e Notification of victims re judicial proceedings
§ 51-286f Transcript of certain sentencing hearings to be requested by prosecuting official and provided to Board of Pardons and Paroles
§ 51-286g Transcript of criminal proceeding to be provided to victim upon request
§ 51-286h Reports re human trafficking
§ 51-286n Notification of Department of Public Health of conviction of licensed professionals of certain offenses relating to actual or suspected abuse of elderly, blind or disabled person or person with intellectual disability
§ 51-287 Retirement of state’s attorneys. Retirement salary. Credit for prior service. Return of contributions
§ 51-287a Longevity payments to Chief State’s Attorney, deputy chief state’s attorney and state’s attorney
§ 51-287b Deductions from longevity payment deposited in State’s Attorneys’ Retirement Fund
§ 51-288 Pension for widow of state’s attorney