1008.34 School grading system; school report cards; district grade.

(1) ANNUAL REPORTS.–The Commissioner of Education shall prepare annual reports of the results of the statewide assessment program which describe student achievement in the state, each district, and each school. The commissioner shall prescribe the design and content of these reports, which must include, without limitation, descriptions of the performance of all schools participating in the assessment program and all of their major student populations as determined by the Commissioner of Education, and must also include the median scores of all eligible students who scored at or in the lowest 25th percentile of the state in the previous school year; provided, however, that the provisions of s. 1002.22 pertaining to student records apply to this section.

(2) SCHOOL GRADES.–The annual report shall identify schools as having one of the following grades, defined according to rules of the State Board of Education:

(a) “A,” schools making excellent progress.

(b) “B,” schools making above average progress.

(c) “C,” schools making satisfactory progress.

(d) “D,” schools making less than satisfactory progress.

(e) “F,” schools failing to make adequate progress.

Each school designated with a grade of “A,” making excellent progress, or having improved at least two grade levels, shall have greater authority over the allocation of the school’s total budget generated from the FEFP, state categoricals, lottery funds, grants, and local funds, as specified in state board rule. The rule must provide that the increased budget authority shall remain in effect until the school’s grade declines.


(a) Each school that has students who are tested and included in the school grading system shall receive a school grade, except as follows:

1. A school shall not receive a school grade if the number of its students tested and included in the school grading system

Legislative History

s. 378, ch. 2002-387; s. 46, ch. 2006-74; s. 21, ch. 2008-235.