163.358 Exercise of powers in carrying out community redevelopment and related activities.

Each county and municipality has all powers necessary or convenient to carry out and effectuate the purposes and provisions of this part, including those powers granted under s. 163.370. A county or municipality may delegate such powers to a community redevelopment agency created under s. 163.356, except the following, which continue to vest in the governing body of the county or municipality:

(1) The power to determine an area to be a slum or blighted area, or combination thereof; to designate such area as appropriate for community redevelopment; and to hold any public hearings required with respect thereto.

(2) The power to grant final approval to community redevelopment plans and modifications thereof.

(3) The power to authorize the issuance of revenue bonds as set forth in s. 163.385.

(4) The power to approve the acquisition, demolition, removal, or disposal of property as provided in s. 163.370(4) and the power to assume the responsibility to bear loss as provided in s. 163.370(4).

(5) The power to approve the development of community policing innovations.

(6) The power of eminent domain.

Legislative History

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